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Cover - The public sphere

The Public Sphere. Essays in Honour of Karl-Otto Apel

Karl-Otto Apel is one of the world’s most prominent philosophers. Central in contemporary thought after World War II , Apel’s transcendental pragmatics and foundation of normative ethics have been highly influential, not least in the works of his long-time friend, collaborator and co-founder of discourse ethics, Jürgen Habermas. Apel has also been a central mediator between continental and analytic thought, as well as between the hermeneutic and enlightenment traditions within continental thought itself. Coming from the hermeneutic tradition of Heidegger and Gadamer, he has remained loyal to the emancipatory values of the enlightenment. His emancipatory views, his focus on communication, truth and the public sphere, could all point in the direction of the «Scandinavian Model» politically, and indeed, Apel has for many years kept in touch with a group of Norwegian philosophers who took great interest in his works, all meeting far up north in the tiny fisherman’s village of Melbu in Vesterålen, Norway. For many philosophers who came here to hear Apel, the spectacular scenery, with its dramatic mountains and deep-blue sea under a sun that never sets, provided a powerful backdrop to his philosophy. This book is a tribute to him from some of the many who have attended his lectures and seminars in Norway over the years, in gratitude of his lifetime’s achievement in the service of thought.

ISBN: 9788282260015
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